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“Right, I’d just like to start by laying down a couple of rules. Firstly, if you do have a mobile phone or any gadget… please, leave it switched on; keep yourselves entertained. And secondly, if anyone texts you any good jokes, could you please forward them to me?” Just in case if you want, otherwise you may subscribe to my mailing list. Ok now let's do some talking.

Hi, I am Vipul Maheshwari. I am living on the earth for the last 20 years, 1 month, 2 days, 17 hours, 47 minutes, and 18 seconds to be specific. I grew up in the small town of Deogarh which is located nearby Udaipur in Rajasthan. I try to make things simpler and clearer because I am not so much into the rotting techniques. I am currently in my Sophomore year of Engineering with a major in Computer Science. I love playing Badminton and I also did win some trophies in my middle school for various orating competitions.

I Love F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones, Cosmos, Designated survivor, and OUR PLANET, and If you don't know what all these are then don't worry because I love जेठालाल too.

That about wraps it up for me. If you made it this far, I appreciate you being here.

Peace out.


We live in a digital world where information is flowing at your fingertips and Without a deeper understanding of facts and the real stories behind it people start to believe and share the knowledge in terms of misinformation subconsciously, there are many well-intentioned people that could even trigger that treacherous action which accelerates unwittingly flow of falsehoods.

Instead of staying anchored to myths (which we know spread faster than facts) or attempting to negate them, here at renevant cheetah, you will find posts and communications related to the domain of Science, Technology, Culture, Programming, Automotive, and Environment, which are focused on the real facts, avoiding any repetition of falsehoods.

Just in case, on a personal note, I write all these articles by getting a deep understanding and learning about the topics from the information that is readily available on the various resources and then I bind them together into a single alliance. I also include some real-life scenarios to make better resemblance with the technical topics for better understanding. Certain facts may change over time and it depends on who is telling the story and what audience they're addressing specifically. I tried to create as coherent a narrative as I could. So If there are any errors please make them into my consideration, I'd be more than happy to fix them. Keep in mind the articles you will see here on the 

renevant cheetah are not too much kind of technical deep dive. It's just a big picture type detail for getting the basic information about the subjects in a not so boring way. Thanks.

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