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Climate hoax

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If you are here to justify the fallacy of climate change and still believe that climate change is just a bummer then, please stay.

"Why you wrote the title Climate hoax?"

"Because I know there are more people agreeing on the same."

Just a move to make sure people with flat earth mentality read this. Still not getting it, leave it just continue with the article.

Ok, let's not make this another complicated piece of write-up that will adjoin the same ones present on the internet. I mean nobody wants the same old-school boring piece of info about climate change and its consequences. So before understanding the apocalypse of climate change, one should understand what climate change really is ??

In a simple definition, Climate change describes a change in the average environmental conditions — such as temperature and rainfall — in a region over a long period of time. Sounds pretty straight huh? Trust me it's not.

The earth is a living being on its own and its mechanics are pretty simple. When the energy from the sun is reflected back to space mostly by clouds and the ice or when the earth's atmosphere releases energy, our planet cools. As in another case when the earth absorbs the sun's energy or when the gases in our atmosphere prevent the heat released by the earth from radiating back into space ( It is the greenhouse effect ), the planet warms.

But when this balance erupted, the problem arises.

There are a variety of factors both natural and human which contribute to the earth's climate system. Earth's climate has changed a lot since this all came into existence even long before humans were around. There are various forces that contribute to climate change including the sun’s intensity, volcanic eruptions, and changes in naturally occurring greenhouse gas concentrations. But records indicate that today’s climatic situation is changing at an alarming rate and our earth is getting warmer and warmer, particular since the mid-20th century when we started to use fossil fuels it is occurring at a much faster rate than ever before and can’t be explained by natural causes alone.

Still not convinced huh >?Let me give you some examples that why we should care about it. According to global research, the arctic region will be free of ice essentially in summer before the mid-century due to global warming. In the next several decades, storm surges and high tides could combine with sea-level rise and land subsidence to further increase flooding in many regions. The upcoming days will be much warmer and potentially we are at risk of losing more than half of our indigenous wildlife. If somebody subconsciously felt that I missed Plastic pollution somewhere in this, then applaud yourself as you at least cared about it. I reserved Plastic as a whole different dimension for upcoming articles.

"The only way to protect the natural world is to get the rest of humanity to care about it."

Then what's the solution? "I mean I am just an individual, how I can make an impact?" Big things start small, remember that. Fighting climate change is somehow very akin to fighting any pandemic. In these tough times, we learned that if we managed to do our part in maintaining Social distancing, cautiously using mask and sanitizer then it can make a lot of difference and in the exact way healing planet starts in your garage, in your kitchen, and at your dining table. You necessarily don't need to be a part of mass gatherings or protests or any such kind of dramas where people are merely taking the advantage of the crowd to become politically auspicious. So there are basic simple steps that can become the first-hand tool for working towards mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The first thing is the most simpler one but highly impactful. Just Speak up about climate change. Talk to your friends and family about it and make them understand the real challenges. If you happen to watch a crime being done and even doing nothing about it then you are an equal culprit in that crime.

Second in line comes the water. The way we treat the water actually can make a dent in this war. That's because it takes a lot of energy to pump, treat and supply the water to your taps. Take short showers, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, and all those things which you can do to reduce the water input. Seems like an old kindergarten textbook excerpt isn't it ?? Yes, it is, Because fighting climate change is not about the complexity it's about your subconscious behavior of dealing with mother nature.

Third and most important, "THE TREES". It has long been known how important forests are both for the microclimate in individual regions and for the global climate as a whole. A research team at ETH Zurich has compiled some fascinating figures: Two-thirds of man-made CO2 emissions could be removed from our atmosphere if we were to reforest 900 million hectares of forests worldwide.

Fourth is avoiding Plastic and decrease your carbon footprint and blah blah blah ...........................

"Vipul, we already know all these things, there is nothing new in it."

Exactly, You don't have to be a scientist or a technical guy to curb climate change.


Everyone knows that Climate is changing at an alarming rate but only a few are actually realizing it. Climate change is not just a topic to discuss it's a global emergency which if not taken seriously then its consequences will be tragic and unbearable.

Before ending this, I want to say that a man with an empty stomach will not care about the carbon emission, carbon footprint, water input, plastic reduction, and every other thing you can think about for decreasing the impacts of climate change because if you have a mouth to feed then all these ideologies don't even exist. Remain tuned for the answer.

Peace out.

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