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Indians were greatest inventors of all time (Part I)

This article is Part 1 extension of a series where I would explain why Indians were greatest inventors of all time. For this article I want you to do a little task for me. Bring some earphones or headphones, plug them in and play the song below on Spotify then come over and start reading this article. Please do it.

If you ever come across to any philosophical, history, math, or literature class, you would have probably heard about the Greeks. Greek mythologies and their teachings were at the core of setting the basics of the western civilization. Be it Socrates who is remembered for his teaching methods and for asking thought-provoking questions. Plato, who studied ethics, virtue, justice, and other ideas relating to human behavior, Aristotle, who studied different sciences like physics, biology and astronomy and if you ever did a trigonometry class in your life, you must remember Pythagoras. I mean, c’mon Pythagoras, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have to solve all those tedious questions in our algebra class.

Modern science and all of its subdivision, from suborbital questions to the love and romanization theories, owe its creation to two major contributors–India and Greece. Majority of the individuals like you and me would certainly know what Greek side stands for, because this is what we have been taught in our primary classes. In contrast, Indian side and its teachings are under-fitted and is mentioned as something that was derived from the other cultures. But you wouldn’t think same after few minutes. Please don’t turn away this article, read it till last.

Starting with the Pythagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher reputed as the founder of Pythagoreanism, is a well-known figure in Greek Philosophy. His works and ideas introduced with concepts that answered transcendental and some unanswered questions that were never answered before. We majorly known the aforementioned Greek philosopher for developing the famously known “Pythagoras theorem”, but the real mathematician behind this theorem was Baudhayana (800 BC - 740 BC).

A priest cum monk, said to be the lived In India. Pythagoras’ theorem was indeed known much before Pythagoras, and it was an Indian who discovered it at least 1000 years before Pythagoras was even born! And it was known as Baudhayana theorem. Baudhayana, the great, listed Pythagoras’s theorem in his book called Baudhayana Śulbasûtra.

|| दीर्घचतुरश्रस्याक्ष्णया रज्जु: पार्श्र्वमानी तिर्यग् मानी च यत् पृथग् भूते कुरूतस्तदुभयं करोति ॥

Baudhayana used a rope as an example in the above shloka(verse), which can be translated as: The areas produced separately by the length and the breadth of a rectangle together equal the areas produced by the diagonal. And few people know this, but the Baudhayana created this theorem to make sure all the religious rituals and practices performed successfully and he used this theorem to create the perfect altar. (Place where Hindus perform holy prayers)

Not to mention, Baudhayana was also the first to ever use and calculate the accurate value of π (pi), found a method for calculating the square root of 2 and last but not least he also found a method for drawing a circle almost equal in area to a square and vice versa. Although the credit for calculating the value π (pi) is given to another Greek Philosopher, Archimedes.

Pythagoras is also credited for developing a theory called metempsychosis - Which states that our inner soul is immortal and enters a new body upon death, and the best part about it is that same concept of inner immortality was first mentioned in the holy Bhagavad Gita–an epic that talks about our relationship with the inner soul by the name of Reincarnation, which is nothing but the religious or philosophical belief that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life’s actions.

Trust me, Indians know the concept of reincarnation and soul long before the world had even realized philosophy as a field. But the question arises that if Indians developed and conceptualized every bit of important tool and discovered and answered such important questions, why the hell world sees us as cheaters rather than inventors? It is mainly because our current generation lacks the mental ability and will to understand the meaning of the same.

If you read this article till last and the song is still playing in your earpieces, congratulations, you are one of the last remaining specimen of human beings who can focus for over 300 seconds.

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