• Vipul Maheshwari

Polarization: chaos

As living in the 21st century I understand some basic fundamentals of the societal workflow. We always try to manipulate things to garner the attraction of others or to make ourselves look better in front of others. But if this manipulation is happening at the national level, there is a problem dude.

We as a nation just can't seem to agree upon certain things. As a society and as a nation, we have simply lost the art of consent, so essential, for the smooth functioning of a democracy. There are issues that should have brought out on the table for our nation to work together as single big thing, there should have been a broader political consensus and the political parties should not have worked at cross purposes every time for gaining their political agendas. Common wisdom would have required all parties to work together in the fight against national issues like the Corona pandemic, by putting aside their differences and the entire political spectrum. Looks like a speech isn't it? Ok, let's talk about some real facts.

When you look at the world figures, where every other government is trying to uplift their respective country from the deep drain hole created due to COVID - 19, In India opposition parties are actually debating about the preciousness of our indigenous vaccine makers, those people who are putting their 200 percent for the day in day out to fight Coronavirus are questioned about their regime. I mean subconsciously you are actually targeting the whole underlying health infrastructure.

Our country has been struggling with bias and polarization for a long time now. But the issue is about to get much more urgent because getting a social media account is not a big deal now. As the debate over COVID-19 vaccination heats up, biased viewpoints will undoubtedly become more and more entrenched in our communities with powerful influencers at their center. In today's time, people must have to see the bigger picture for better perspectives otherwise we will not survive in this radical society. Every time when you see any specific type of media content your mind tries to replicate it and starts to make a specific ideology around it. If you idolized the mouthpiece of political parties for making your decisions, trust me you are not seeing the other side of the coin.

It's not the COVID only, the outrageous acts by these so-called National pandits continued for various national topics. When a chief of a National party argues about the defense capabilities of our nation including the honorary surgical strikes, armed deals, ARTICLE 370, and many other significant issues at that time when the country needs to unite to make an impact in the world doesn't make any sense. It's an act of a coward. They are just opposing it for the sake of opposing it. What I am trying to say is, everything in the 21st century is at your fingertips it's you who needs to decide which side you are on, and remember there is always a better side. To beat our rivals we need to focus more on Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Technological solutions, Science, Arts, Sports, Defense, and other important domains, but if we waste our time on illogical and boastful things, we will never make it to the top.

Let's talk a little about the recent farmer agitation. I am not going for a deep dive into this topic as it's already undertaking the headlines. I was just devastated when I got to know that our Red Fort was sabotaged on our Republic day by a handful of people who believed they have more precedence than the nation itself, and the irony is these same political leaders halt the development of our nation just to fulfill their political shoes are actually supporting those thugs and goons for this act. It's shame on us that we as the citizens of this great nation are actually supporting these political leaders.

If we want to eradicate, or at least lessen the impacts of the political influencers on us, we should rethink how our online communities operate. The solution to the problem of vaccine hesitancy or debating on National security is not to eliminate our social groups or to diminish the right of speech. Rather, we have to be more concerned and responsive about the way we consume the media content specific to politics which are more like a hazard if spread in the wrong direction.

If we have more equity in ours’s social networks, the less biased and more informed we will become—even when the groups start off with highly partisan opinions. But for that, you should know who is making the rightful testimony and who is not.

As a 19-year-old to be an engineer, living in a nation of 1.38 billion people, I want my nation to be at the top of the pole in any divisional role. Period.

Peace out.

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