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Programming: Your Washing Machine

Your Washing Machine

Look around you, and if you find any machine which works very modestly without so much of the changes then it’s because of the set of programming instructions that are encoded in its core software.

Programming is literally everywhere around us. From the take-out we order to the movies we want to stream, Programming instructions enable everyday actions in our lives without any cringe. Tech companies are no longer recognizable as just software companies as they do more than that — instead, they bring food to our door, help us get a taxi, influence outcomes in presidential elections, or act as a personal trainer.

Computer programs (or software) are what make our computers really work. Without software, our modern computers are just complicated machines for turning electricity into heat. It’s the software on your computer that runs your operating system, browser, email, games, movie player, order food, book a taxi– just about everything you see or do on your screen.

To grasp what programming really is, you just think of the programming instructions as a set of protocols provided to a machine. If that machine follows that protocol by iterating over the same instructions repeatedly, then it’s a programming loop. If you are a techie person or a programming nerd, you already know what I am talking about and if you are not then don’t be upset, I have an idea.

Take your Washing machine as an example for the sake of understanding. Washing machines are deliberately designed to wash your clothes(obviously dude, they are meant to work like that, tell me something new). Did you ever wonder how this machine is operating similarly from the day you bought it, I mean why this machine is not working as a microwave or a fan or maybe like an AC system……..ghrrrrrrrrr …….. dude please come to the point. Sounds frustrating ha, don’t worry your cerebrum is not going to burst, now let’s come to the point. Okay, so what I am trying to tell you is that your washing machine is made of two main components: your external hardware, Buttons, Wires, TouchPad, Rotating wheel, etc. The second component is the machine's software, which tells the external components to work in a coordinated manner.

Whenever you switch on your washing machine, the instructions get loaded into the software. When you pour the detergent into the cleansing vessel and turn around the timer to wash your one-month-old dirty socks, the protocol set that timer count into the instructions to rotate the washing machine's wheel for that specific time period. Still not getting ha>??. Okay, to make it more simple, I have written some instructions down below in simple English to make you understand what I am really trying to say. Just follow along with me in the same order.

//Switch ON your Washing Machine.
//Pour detergent into the cleansing vessel.
//Set the washing timer as per as requirement.
//Rotate the wheel.
//OFF the Washing Machine.
//Take your socks from the vessel.

If you want to wash your socks, I think that's pretty much of the same order of the instructions in your mind. Looks simple ha.

Unable to make a Pixar kind of animation but I think this will work.

Unfortunately, computers don’t understand languages like English or Hindi, or Spanish, so we have to use a programming language to give the instructions. There are many different programming languages, all of which have their own merits, and certain languages are better suited to particular types of tasks, but there is no one language that is the best. There are specific pros and cons of choosing a programming language for the specific cause. Some of the most common programming languages are C, C++, Java, Python. I have written a small C++ code below to say 'hello'. You don’t need to be a computer programmer to be able to read this code. It contains English words and it is readable (if not perhaps understandable).

//C++ program to say hello
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main(){
    cout << "hello";
    return 0;

Programming is one of the most important frontier pillars of this technological era. The most subtle one. Learning a programming language is analogous to learning any other language. Like every traditional language has its basics, its grammar(syntax), its rules, its protocols, in an exact manner a programming language has its rules, its basics, and its grammar. With the right set of skills, a programmer can fabricate software to solve an enormous number of problems — from telling you when your next train will arrive to playing your favorite music. The possibilities are constrained only by your imagination.

Learning a programming language is one of the most important skills in this electrified and computerized world. If you really wanna learn a programming language, You just need to type “ HOW TO LEARN PROGRAMMING” on Google and you are good to go.

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” - Stephen Hawking

From now onwards I will be posting a series of programming tutorials too so that we can learn together. Stay tuned. Peace out

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