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Traffic jam in space.

I don't think humanity would survive on Earth for another century as far as Climate Change is concerned,after all; we are facing so many disruptive concerns on a global level, like warming of planet, ocean acidification, plastic implosion, impending mass extinction, depriving wildlife, water scarcity, population collapse, dying forests, and immense resource depletion. It’s not that far when the temperatures would soar to scorching heights and our cities would look like some kind of furnace, and trust me;

That far is not that far

But let's say you survived after some horrific apocalypse, and it's your birthday. To make your birthday more memorable you wished to go to the Moon with your friends and wanted to spend your entire day in that famous Moon park which also gives a tour to the far side of the moon. Seems irrational for now, isn't it! But either you would survive to celebrate your birthday on the Moon or you would be one of the many who will lose their lives in some kind of climate catastrophe.

Star wars :

Recently, when two of the richest persons on the Earth ventured into space and touch down to the Earth safely, this manoeuvre act marks a great turmoil on the scripts of humanity and we are on the verge to unfold the next big thing in this era. Well, it's not the first time someone utilised his wealth to get a privilege to get into the space, American multimillionaire Dennis Tito, travelled to the ISS almost two decades ago in 2001. The company that took him up there, Space Adventures, has since flown six other paying customers to space using the Russian Soyuz.

Humans have a long history affiliated to the Space, and it ranges back to mid of the 20th century when the space race between United States and the Soviet union came into existence, but why we are so excited about it now? After a half century;

To cut a long story short, a so-called space race is emerging from a tiny umbrella and it comprises billionaires. A handful of unbelievably powerful lavish men, whose wealth and richness has exploded massively throughout this whole pandemic, and are now busy trying to convince us that the future lies not here on Earth but out there among the stars and other mysterious planets.

There were certain moments in the history when Humanity's perspective embarked on something significant and glorious which changed everything. Starting from Paleolithic period when Humans lived in caves or simple huts to Foragers who brought a revolution in terms of fire and agriculture to the roots of Industrial revolution, we have seen so much as a species, and now it's time for addition of another feather in the cap, reaching to the sky and beyond.

Base Zero : Billionaires

With the mission to make humanity a multi-planetary species, Elon musk is leading the pack of the wolves. If I could get a chance to meet him, I would thank him personally for doing so much in Tech. A man who achieved so much in his one lifetime than most of would ever accomplish in a couple of lives. And just in case, Jeff Bezos joined the party too; with his company Blue origin already making headlines which certainly means the competition is already fierce.

When you look closely and mimic the billionaires boys's story, space is just another playground for them and necessarily they are utilising the playground to its full potential using their new toys and gadgets.

But Musk, Branson, Bezos are just the start. A handful of companies are entering space enterprise. As of today, economist scholars already valued the global space economy at $350 billion with predictions it will rise to $1 trillion before we reach to the mid of this century. But what is on the menu for us? If everything goes as planned, after 2 or 3 decades, maybe you could slurp your favorite lemonade soda while floating in some bar of an interstellar hotel. Who knows?!!! But this dream of yours might get into dust as space tourism wouldn't be a piece of cake for everyone out there.

Second cardboard :

In all the excitement, enthusiasm and eagerness of this new chore, we often forget one thing, ticket to space comes at a substantial cost of environmental degradation. When rockets launch into space, they require an enormous amount of propellants to make it out of the Earth's atmosphere. The most depletion occurs in the upper layers of the atmosphere, admittedly in the troposphere where fuels emit an exorbitant amount of carbon dioxide and methane which destroy the ozone layer.

I am not discouraging or testifying any orthodox perspective regarding the space exploration, it’s just the other way around; I have a grey corner somewhere in me who wants to know like the other people who have pointed out that the money these billionaires have poured into space technology could be invested in making life better on our planet, our flora and fauna, where wildfires, heatwaves, water scarcity, and other climate disasters are becoming more frequent as the global climate warms up in the climate crisis.

I am just afraid that in the wake of exploring the outer sky, we might destroy the entire planet, and who knows, the worst is yet to come.

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Remember, it’s not only about you or me, it’s about the legacy we leave behind.

पर्यावरण बचाओ पृथ्वी बचाओ. आवजो.

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